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Endoscopic Surgery and Obesity


Laparoscopic Sleeve gastrectromy.

It is a procedure that is used in weight-reduction surgery with excellent results and minimal risks to the patient. It involves taking almost 80% of the stomach vertically to form a “banana-shaped gastric tube” or a gastric sleeve (as American doctors call it) "sleeve gastrectomy" that causes restriction of food eaten by a lower storage volume in the stomach, causing the patient to quickly fill out and eat with subsequent weight loss over months and years. This procedure has been so successful that some surgeons use it as a definitive procedure and not as a first procedure as originally planned. It takes from four to five small incisions to complete.

View Animation of the surgical procedure

See video of Surgery: Sleeve gastrectomy for morbid obesity



Laparoscopic Bypass Gastric.
Considered  as the gold standard for obesity surgery (bariatric). It is a mixed component procedure (restrictive and mal-absorptive) and that reduces the stomach size drastically to store only 15 to 35 cubic cm of food and also creates a new intestinal connection with this small stomach we call "pouch" where depending on the length of the intestine that does not work will help reduce the absorption of food (fats, sugars and some other nutrients). The patient fills up very soon and besides that what little he eats is poorly absorbed causing significant and sustained reduction in weight. For these procedures it is necessary to be a candidate and it depends on the weight / size of the patient and the coexisting illnesses. 

View Animation of the surgical procedure

See video of surgery: union of the new small stomach (bypass)


Laparoscopic Gastric Plication Surgery .
We are among the first in Mexico to perform this procedure. It is used to promote weight loss by performing a "double stomach on itself" using a caliper. It is a new technique that has similar results to the gastric sleeve. It is performed by laparoscopy without doing any cutting of the stomach or intestine, turning out to be a more secure and cheaper procedure since staples or other prosthetic material is not used. It is a surgery that can be reversed by not making cuts in the tissues.

Advantages :

  • No gastric or intestinal cuts
  • No prosthesis or staples.
  • Does not require adjustments.
  • Creates no foreign body reaction
  • It is reversible
  • It is done by laparoscopy which is less invasive and much safer
  • Weight loss comparable to gastric sleeve (sleeve gastrectomy) 
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